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Updated on 8th of October 2011

Due to automated SPAM robots attacks, I regret to announce that the personal blog registration is not allowed anymore and will be retired ASAP without any further notice.

Big Singapore Talks is a multi-author and multi-user blog, designed free for authors to write recommending, informative, entertaining or educational articles for readers, focus but not limited to Singapore related. User can choose to own their blog at their control or writes in a shared blog.

Authors in shared blog can have a recommendation link to other website(s) within their every post linked from a relevant word or phrase. This privilege is to credit authors who writes good posts. If you wish to own a blog than sharing it, you could also choose to register one with your desired name and maintain it yourself under our free hosting. Additional functions and privileges for example, shared money-earning opportunity will implement as necessity arise.

It has a Chinese mirror-site in addition, to let writers who are knowledgeable in this specific language to participate in the writing. Similarly, user can choose to write in a shared blog or own a blog by himself/herself. Articles or post written in shared blog are strictly moderate prior to publish for quality.

While the writers themselves contributes quality posts to the readers, the admin or the site itself do their cost-effective marketing jobs to help the author’s post get recognized and searchable online. Search Engines and other referral sites have been helpful to let our articles written herein get read by many others from the web everyday. Thanks to the SEO optimization that our site implemented.

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