New Restaurant Review, and Southeast Asia Serving Sizes.

Ole’s Steak Palomillo. The steak is hidden under the ensalada of parsley and onions. Image © Mike Aquino, licensed to When I was in the U.S. a few years ago, I happened upon a Filipino restaurant that had this sign in the window: SERVES 2-3 AMERICANS (4-5 FILIPINOS) Maybe you Yanks don’t realize this, but we have smaller servings of food in Southeast Asia. One cup of rice and about a handful of meat or vegetables is what you’ll usually get in most places around here, whether you’re at a hawker’s stall in Singapore or a pho stand in Vietnam. So this puts me in a bind when I write restaurant reviews: do I say that a certain serving size is adequate, when it’s enough for a meal plus takeout for the locals? I still haven’t really decided. In any case, my latest restaurant review for … [...]