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Singapore Tourist VISA?

I am from India and currently in Japan on a Business VISA. While going back to India i want to take a stop for about 5 – 6 days in Singapore. Can anybody let me know if VISA on arrival would be a best option to opt or have a tourist visa processed? Thanks in advance. Related Entries how to find a job in singapore being in a tourist visa? I am MBA Grauduate specialised in Sales and Marketing and i have 2 years wo… Can An Indian Citizen With A Singapore Tourist Visa Enter Malaysia By Obtaining A Visa-on-arrival? I am an Indian citizen residing in… [...]

Multiple Entry Visa For Singapore?

Folks, I have applied for a Singapore Visa. Now I do not know if the Visa is for a single entry or multiple entry. I need a multiple entry visa as I will take a Cruise which starts and ends at Singapore. I am getting my Visa from Consulate (Chennai, India) tomorrow morning.There is no provision where I can contact the consulate right now and ask them to give me multiple entry visa. In case they have given me a Single entry Visa, is there any provision to get it changed to Multiple Entry Visa? I am flying out this Friday 19th Dec,2008. Any ideas / information? Thanks. GB’s Related Entries Is there a online facility to apply for a multiple entry visa to Singapore. I am in Australia with a Indian pp I am… [...]

Can i get indian visa from Singapore?

i want to go singapore then india,does anybody know if i can get visa for india from singapore and hows the procedure?what its the time processing for geting visa?plzzzz help Related Entries Application For Singapore Visa From Belgium For Indian Citizen? I am an Indian citizen and I wish to travel to Singapore for 4 days for a t… Is there a online facility to apply for a multiple entry visa to Singapore. I am in Australia with a Indian pp I am planning to travel to Singapore in July with my family. Our tickets a… is singapore visa free for nigerians and is there any flight from nigeria to singapore? i want to know if singapore is visa free and for how long can you stay befo… does a malaysian need visa to go batam from singapore?… [...]

The Regent Hotel Singapore in Singapore

Singapore is an apt place to spend your vacation. But provided you have to have proper accommodation for your stay. Some websites can help you to choose from an array of luxury hotels located in Singapore. But with an order to choose the right one for you, it is better to have some knowledge about the hotels in Singapore. There are numbers of five star hotels present in Singapore out of which the Regent Hotel Singapore is worth mentioning. The Regent Hotel Singapore is listed among the five star hotels in Singapore. The hotel tries to blend tasteful modern decor and finest Asian antique art piece. You… [...]