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How did we ever survive without our computers? It’s almost inconceivable to think that we didn’t hardly need these daily helpers in our homes a decade ago. Like coffee, computers seem to be one of those things that you can’t live without once you’ve tried them.

Our PCs and Macs aid us on an incomparable level these days, and we certainly don’t want to return to the old ways. While these phenomenal machines continuously provide us with access to the world, we should have anti virus check to keep a close eye on them to ensure their safety. After all, computer viruses are always updating like our handy machines.

Why You Should Have Anti Virus Check?
Anti-virus check software can save you for lots of troubles for example, preventing your computer to behave abnormally, data loses, hardware failure, unintentionally spreading of computer viruses to your friends via emails, etc. Nevertheless, the destruction might be even worst than what you could imagine!

Well, as you have known, antivirus programs protects your computer for KNOWN threats or viruses that have been defined by Anti-virus developers although in their anti-virus check, not all Anti-virus developers uses the same virus definitions. It may vary from company to company. Some companies offer online virus check or online virus scan free from their websites, although it’s actually a trial for their products which on the other hand does not provide maximal anti-virus check on your computer.

What about those new viruses that haven’t been defined by Anti-virus developers or companies? Well, computer security companies like Grisoft for example, include technologies that scans computer for suspicious virus-behaving programs that have not YET been exactly defined as computer virus. With those technologies like Heuristic Analysis etc. you can ensure maximum protection with their anti-virus check.

What About Firewall?
A Firewall is a system that enforces an access control policy between two or more networks by blocking/permitting traffic. Every Firewall contains a set of rules that protect the internal network from attacks originating outside (typically from the internet) and controls all communication on every single network port. The communication is evaluated, according to a set of predefined rules, and then either allowed or forbidden. If the Firewall recognizes any intrusion attempts, it blocks the communication and does not let the intruder inside the computer.

There are basically two kinds of Firewall. Either it is a software version, or a hardware version which typically built-in within connection devices like Router or Gateway. Personally I prefer software version because of its flexibility.

Windows XP has a built-in Firewall handy for users. The only problem is, currently it only blocks intrusion coming from outside. If hackers or data thieves use other INDIRECT forms of invasion to your computer for example, by some maliciously-programmed software that is able to bypass your first level of security with compressed file or others that imposes as a friendly program. Later on, from within your computer it turns out to be retrieving your precious data and deliver it right to the hackers’ servers secretly at the background without your consent.

At this time, Firewall with anti virus check is your best friend that will block the delivery and notice you right away for further instructions! Once again, your computer data are safe.

The Negative Side of Anti-virus Check With Firewall
There is a NEGATIVE side which all of us hates! Most of the Anti-virus checker or just Firewall software alone SLOWS DOWN our computer’s performance too much while they are working on the background protecting our computer!

And it seems to be the problem for all prevailing Anti-virus check and computers users, unless we keep upgrading our system time by time.

We want protection, but we want PERFORMANCE too!

I’ve tested different kinds of Anti-virus programs with my poor laptop that has the following system specification in the past few years:

* Pentium 3 / 750 MHZ
* 128 RAM
* Windows ME

Suppose it was such a headache that I could only choose whether with just an older version of Anti-virus program or just an older version of Firewall. With BOTH, my laptop hang constantly because of insufficient RAM after some works and caused to slow down my laptop’s performance too much! And it just couldn’t accept any newer version that has additional protection features.

I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing! My precious data and works might be lost without maximum protection! Especially when there are no ending for new viruses and hacking programs coming out.

All my headaches solved when I found this AVG Anti-Virus Check Plus Firewall!

It works on the background with its outstanding technology that gives you the maximum protection you need, YET it takes LOWER system resources from your computer compared to other prevailing Anti-virus software with Firewall! Working on my laptop while giving it a good scan of viruses was an IMPOSSIBLE task due to my low-speed system. Now I can!

Another feature which you may like to take note of is, it can be stopped anytime while scanning and get to continue another day from the last session if you need to stop the scan temporarily for whatever.

WITHOUT an Anti Virus Check with Firewall to protect your computers, it’s just like running down the street without anything on, awaiting for those computer viruses, Hackers and Data Thieves.

AVG Anti-Virus Plus Firewall Just One More Good Reason To Get It

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