2 thoughts on “How to Apply Google Adsense Publisher Account and Start Earning

  1. An author told me his worries to use his Adsense Publisher ID in this site. The main worry is that someone might misuse his Adsense Code if he paste it on other sites and get to known by others.

    I think his worries are not needed, with the following logical reasons:

    1. No one would earn money for you without you rendering something back in return.

    2. If someone would try to flame you with click frauds, Google click fraud system would know it and would not take it against you. I have seen within my tracking stats once, someone searched and clicked my search-box ads repeatedly with 400% click through rate. Still, Google paid me without any accusation.

    3. If you have used your Adsense Code before on any websites, you would know that it is easy to find out anyone’s Publisher ID by looking at the HTML page source. If anyone would be able to frame others with this step, it would be an easy task. I could take your publisher ID by looking at your website’s HTML code, and mess it around.

    4. Track other website’s access is one legit thing you can do so by stopping others from accessing your account ads without your consent. For example, if really someone would place your publisher ID on a website that does not comply with Adsense program policies, you would login to your Adsense account, under “My Account”, click “Account Access” and disable the sites. Alternatively, just contact Google to file a complaint.

    5. You can also use the “Allowed Sites” management under the “Adsense Setup” to manage your allowed sites.

    Some post I’ve found related to misuse of Adsense code at http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/AdSense/search?hl=en&q=adsense+code+misuse

    Hope this have solved those worries.

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