Red Light District within Geylang

Singapore Geylang Road Night view of Geylang Road in Singapore

Geylang in Singapore is a sophisticated red light district. Although not many decent folks would ever want to live there, it consists of solemn residents living within. Generally, when a person says Geylang, it refers to the main Geylang Road, in between the two main side road named Sims Avenue and Guillemard Road.

In connection with Geylang Road are multiple alleys across the main road itself. This part looks like a centipede when viewing on the map. Geylang alleys across the main road are mainly named with “Lorong” and numbers starting from Lorong 1 till Lorong 44 with odd and even numbers in opposite side. “Lorong should be interpreted as “street” in Malays although I am not quite sure in this part.

Women on Geylang Alley Low houses at Geylang Red Light District Lorong 3 Road Sign in Geylang Red Light District Massage Parlors in Geylang Red Light District

While it is a red light district that provides legal brothels, it also consists of other premises and activities that make it so busy. From different kinds of shops and services, restaurants till adult entertainments like pubs, bars, massage parlors and karaoke premises that can be seen along the road. Once I saw a foreign band giving performance at one of the alleys.

Dining in Geylang red light district is never being a problem, as you can always look for economic foods within the Singapore styled coffeeshop, or locate restaurants that provide premier cuisines. One of the delicacies I like is the China styled Chong Qing Steamboat Buffet. Just pay a fixed price per self, you can eat till you full with different choices of soup basis. On the roadside of Sims Avenue, you can find rows of fruits sellers waiting for your business.

Chong Qing Steamboat in Geylang Fried Rice-Vermicelli with Crabs Durian Stall in Sims Avenue

Most of the popular restaurants are located within Lorong 1 till Lorong 13 yet it doesn’t mean that you won’t find any delicious foods in other alleys of Geylang Road. However, since legal brothels within this red light district are mainly located at Lorong 16, 18 and 20 side by side, patrons are more willing to tuck in around the areas formerly mentioned. The houses in Geylang operating in legal sex practices are easily identifiable; having large and bright red light with house numbers on their outlooks.

Cheap hotels in this red light district are everywhere and I can see tourists with families or friends arriving and departing along the streets of Geylang Road. Starting from SGD$40 or less, you can get a night sleep within those economic hotels. I think Hotel 81 and Fragrance Hotel are two of the best budget hotels although their charges might be slightly higher. Having an extremely tight budget? Bed rental are available in some private apartments and houses at around $10 per day. Just give your enquiry from the folks over there or watch out for advertisements.

Hotel 81 in Geylang Red Light District Inner Looks of Hotel Fragrance in Geylang

Getting to the Central Business District in the main city area is a breeze from Geylang red light district. Taking a taxi will need just a few bucks and you can have great shopping pleasures out of Geylang. It costs alike if you are aiming for the trendy Orchard Road.

Expressways are located near on the head and end of the red light district, giving the traffics a few fast tracks. Geylang’s low houses have aged from the history, hence most of the owners offer them for business leasing or as a hostel for foreign workers.

Apart from the legal brothels, sometimes you will notice foreign girls stationed or walking on the streets touting you, they are usually identified as illegal sex workers who are not noted by Singapore authorities and particularly different with the practices of the legal houses. Since they are illegal and probably being taking care of by the underworld, you should stay clear unless you really want to have a deal with them.

I have seen a few foreigners selling potent drugs under the roof beside the streets illegally. When going near, I can sense that those drugs are not supposed to sell here due to unreliable composition.  Be careful what you need to buy, and never buy from those. Geylang red light district has never been sleeping; 24 hours per 7 days, you will see different kind of crowds on the streets.

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