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There were two incidents believed to have related to two Singapore girls that had caused a storm recently. And what they have done were to post their naked photos online. These escapades stirred up great comments, eventually get snapped on newspaper!

Let’s go for the first one. This Singapore girl posted her naked pictures on her Friendster’s profile. Showing her after showering in bare. And she was told to be only 21 year old. While you might not be able to find her profile again in Friendster, you will still be able to find some of the censored pictures in online searches.

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Some of the comments that I have read involves the natural of this acts. One commented it was just a fooling prank from this Singapore girl’s friend(s), unintentionally sneaked out from the bag. While others were saying the Singapore girl’s pictures in bare might be just a substitution from others.

The next incident involved another of the two Singapore girls in her youth, posting her private parts photos explicitly taken within the staircase of a residential building on a foreign social website. It is believed to be one of the HDB residential flats in Singapore according to the background designs.

The first photo I have seen, was her cigarette on the left hand while looking forward, sitting on the staircase showing her miniskirt folded up to the waist and display her nether undies with two legs apart. The second pose was hand-lifting her pink color T-Shirt showing the Singapore girl’s breasts following the first action while turning her head off to the left with hairs covering her face.

Singapore girls just having fun Singapore DJ girl

Subsequent photos showing her standing at the corridor on the 13th floor in consecutive shots. First, wearing with a jacket, next, loosen her suspending shirt showing her breasts and then squatting down to show her nether part again with hairs covering her face.

From those photos, I was wondering who has been taking photos for them? Some of them doesn’t look like self-taken, apparently they are amateur without the help of any professional photographer. I don’t think they would take a tripod with them for this kind of extemporaneous shots.

Girls walkout in Singapore Sexy girls in Singapore

Before hand, there were quite a few incidents related to Singapore girls uploaded similar shots. Some of them have audacious actions within the medias. What has gone to the mind of Singapore girls to post their nude photos online, commented by a Stomper. Wondering if it is a trend for Singapore girls to show their nude photos online.

Most probably, those Singapore girls won’t get any incentives for doing that in a free social network website. And the point is, why did they do that for nothing? Is it because of getting more friends in a similar group? Or just showing off their gorgeous figure? You shall give the comments.

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3 Responses to “Two Singapore Girls Who Caused a Storm”

  1. so? says:

    OH! THEY PUBLISHED NAKED PICTURES? OH NO WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE THE WORLD’S COMING TO AN END ! EVERY ONE RUN FOR COVER!!! Grow up goddamn old backwards people. WTF is wrong with a naked picture? There’s plenty online just go to google images. GROW UP.

  2. Win says:

    Ala mak, so boring. You call this ????? ? Yawn. I am a Wall Street person you know.

  3. Big Singapore Talks Jones says:

    They are getting more and more daring with the help of Internet media.

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