Updated on 08th of October 2011

Due to automated SPAM robots attacks, I regret to announce that the personal blog registration is not allowed anymore and will be retired ASAP without any further notice.

  • In order to let authors submit their posts fast and easy, now authors can write posts in an email and send it to submit@bigsingapore.com Remember to include your author  name or username under that email and our editors will publish your post under it after review. Haven’t got your account? Register here as an author of this blog.
  • Now you can earn within your posts with Google Adsense! Just insert your Google Adsense Publisher ID at the top left hand side of your dashboard.
  • Now authors can upload their picture and advertise themselves within their posts. Just update your profile page.
  • Readers or commenters can now subscribe to follow-up comments. All they need to do is to tick a check box before comment submission or enter their email address to subscribe on the page.
  • Added video and audio comment functionality – Now readers can comment using their self-recorded videos or audios within the comment box using their PC attached camera and/or microphone.

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