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Updated on July 2009

Posting Rules for Authors – In Order To Make Us Trouble-Less

  • No pornographic, nude or naked images can be posted here. Well, I don’t mind if you have some relevant and really sexy ones related to your post since this blog is rated PG. However, the limits are, no human genitals or any private parts (normally, those three spots in front and the spot at the back, you should know what I am talking about) can be seen.
  • No words or media related to hates, racism, political speech, religions speech, quarrel blogging, cults, violence inspiration, illegal activities, arms creation, and direct sexual conveyance can be posted here. Make this blog an interesting, exciting, and informative one without those. You daily seens or tips for example, are good enough for others to come after your posts.
  • No more than a link to other relevant website in each post from author writing. Generally, Spam writers would insert more than one link to multiple sites, which may cause problems. Please do not link to bad websites, for example malicious websites with viruses or adware. Try to make them look nice and neat too within the articles.
  • Do not submit articles that are not written by your own hands. Copyrighted or PLR articles are not permitted to submit here.
  • This site only endorses the first and original full articles that cannot be found on other sites written exactly the same length and words.
  • Please make your post’s title in Title Case or your post may be deleted as we deem fit. And PLEASE, don’t just put a word or two for your post’s title! Make them unique and attractive! Include your main keyword onto it for easier searching by readers. Make you paragraph spacing looks nice too, ok?
  • Articles must contain at least 150 words. That is not a problem to you, isn’t it? (Excluding sole video, pictures and other media posting – You need not write anything for those, but please write some description for them on the excerpt box)
  • Please check your post and take off any weird characters/ non-standard HTML code and style generated from any word processor. Most probably they are from Microsoft Words. Use only plain texts for your words!
  • Don’t ever copy and paste your article contents edited with MS Words directly to the “Visual” post writing panel! At least switch to “HTML” tab first before you paste your writing from Words or other word processor. You may also use the “Paste from Word” or “Paste as Plain Text” function within the writing panel for effective and less troublesome pasting from your word processor.
  • You may also copy & paste them to notepad first, then re-copy the plain text version from your notepad before you paste them again to the writing panel in “Visual” tab. Posts found with weird characters and/or non standard HTML code will be deleted. To write or check your post in HTML, click on the “HTML” tab at the top right of the writing panel.
  • No duplicate posting is allowed! Please do not post the same content more than once! Please select categories that are most relevant for your post. If you choose the wrong category intentionally, your post might be deleted.
  • No links to any same website within all your posts for more than 3 times. On the other words, you cannot insert the same link to the same URL more than thrice with more than three different articles.

Technical Advisory And Tips – Sometimes When You Need More Than Just Writing

  • For images and photos, you may search or upload them to before you use them to your post (according to their terms, one important job is to place a link from the image used here to their originally uploaded image URL, if the image is not owned by yourself) to avoid unnecessary copyright issues.
  • If the image is not own by yourself, always use only images that are marked with Creative Commons-licensed otherwise it will be deleted. You can always use the Advance Search function, scroll down to check the box that is labeled “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content” to lookup for your desired images for your post.
  • If you are using one of them that is not owned by you as the thumbnail of your post to the home page of this blog, what you can do is to download and save the image to your computer, later on upload it to this blog system with an image link pointing to the same original image on Problem solved.
  • Images owned by you that are used as the thumbnail can be uploaded directly from your computer.
  • For other subsequent images you wished to use in a same post that are not served as thumbnail, just copy and paste the Image Location Link (Image URL) to this blog system while pointing to the original image on from this blog. How? Go to for a try, search and right click on any image, you will have the “Save Image As”, “Copy Image Location” and “Copy Link Location” functions similarly within Firefox and IE to work with.
  • For videos, please search or upload to first, and then embed it to your post. It saves our server loads and also possible copyright issues.
  • For audios, you can directly import them to our blog system using the upload/insert menu on the writing panel, but please, only upload audios that are originally recorded by you. No copyrighted media files like music MP3 should be posted.
  • After you have written the title for each post, you may need to click on the “Edit” button beside the “Permalink” just underneath the “Title” Bar to copy your full title to the box, overwriting any words within it and click “Save”. The reason is, although WordPress system would automatically generate the Permalink (Permanent URL for your post generated from the words in your title) from the Post Name while you types, occasionally it will miss out the full title if you type unstably. In order to have a Permalink that represents exactly what you have written on the title with relevant keywords, it is best to double-check it. Otherwise, Search Engines might think you are spamming and that jeopardize your post’s free traffics.
  • If you embed videos and wished to have it shown on the top right hand side of this blog, please set the embed code to width=”294″ and height=”344″ in the first line of the embed code after you pasted it with the “HTML” tab of your writing panel. Remember to click on the “Visual” tab again to finalize the code dynamically. Tick ONLY the “Videos” category. In this way, your video will show on the top right hand video display of this blog width-justified. Do not write or add anything within your video post while choosing the “Videos” category because the video display panel will pull your words and other medias from that post too; letting it looks overwhelming. If you have more to say, write them separately in another post and give a link to it. Alternatively, select other category.
  • Image for thumbnail intending to show on the homepage should be around 200px X 120px or more and accepts only .jpg format. Too much smaller might not be working right. Choose “Thumbnail (200×120)” under the “Size” of the Visual Upload/Insert menu when inserting your images for showing as thumbnails.
  • Remember to select “homethumb” under the “Custom Fields”; paste or type in the filename of the image for your desired thumbnail on the “Value” box next to it without the .jpg extension name for your thumbnail to work in collaboration! Initially, you should name the thumbnail without spaces and weird characters. For example, if your uploaded image is example.jpg, use only “example” for the “homethumb” value box, then click “Add Custom Field” button to enter it.
  • Writing short excerpt for your post that has only videos or images is strongly recommended, in order to let it stand out with description on Search Engines and our homepage. It also lets readers understand your videos or images content in a glance.
  • To notify other blogs about your post, while you do not include any link to them within a post, you may insert their page URLs on the “Send Trackbacks” Bar.
  • If you DO include a link to other blog within your post and wish to notify it, check the box beside the “Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this post” under the “Discussion” panel to enable blog notification automatically. (In this case, you do not need to include the URLs on the “Send Trackbacks” Bar)

Wow, it seems to have overloaded you. However, don’t worry, because practice makes perfect! Once you have acquainted this blog system, will start writing like a breeze. Nevertheless, we will do the reviewing for each post manually. If we find something wrong or getting out of track from your great post, we shall correct it with advises. Try it now, it is not a crime for making mistakes in this blog.

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