Blue Valentine at Shanghai Blue 1920 – Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Jakarta restaurant Shanghai Blue 1920 takes old-school romantics back to a livelier, jazzier time – back to the days of the original Shanghai Tea House, a warung-turned-full-scale-restaurant. With jazz music courtesy of the Shanghai Jazz Band and Nita Aartsen Project, Shanghai Blue 1920 harks back to its storied predecessor on Sunda Kelapa, a bustling tea house and restaurant run by a Shanghainese immigrant and his Indonesian wife. The Blue Valentine special will be served on February 14: lovers who attend My Blue Valentine will enjoy a four-course dinner and a glass of sparkling wine, for IDR 498,000 (US$53) per couple. Shanghai Blue 1920 preserves the memory of the Shanghai Tea House with original pieces of the restaurant on site, the lively jazz stylings of its … [...]

Can i get indian visa from Singapore?

i want to go singapore then india,does anybody know if i can get visa for india from singapore and hows the procedure?what its the time processing for geting visa?plzzzz help Related Entries Application For Singapore Visa From Belgium For Indian Citizen? I am an Indian citizen and I wish to travel to Singapore for 4 days for a t… Is there a online facility to apply for a multiple entry visa to Singapore. I am in Australia with a Indian pp I am planning to travel to Singapore in July with my family. Our tickets a… is singapore visa free for nigerians and is there any flight from nigeria to singapore? i want to know if singapore is visa free and for how long can you stay befo… does a malaysian need visa to go batam from singapore?… [...]

New Restaurant Review, and Southeast Asia Serving Sizes.

Ole’s Steak Palomillo. The steak is hidden under the ensalada of parsley and onions. Image © Mike Aquino, licensed to When I was in the U.S. a few years ago, I happened upon a Filipino restaurant that had this sign in the window: SERVES 2-3 AMERICANS (4-5 FILIPINOS) Maybe you Yanks don’t realize this, but we have smaller servings of food in Southeast Asia. One cup of rice and about a handful of meat or vegetables is what you’ll usually get in most places around here, whether you’re at a hawker’s stall in Singapore or a pho stand in Vietnam. So this puts me in a bind when I write restaurant reviews: do I say that a certain serving size is adequate, when it’s enough for a meal plus takeout for the locals? I still haven’t really decided. In any case, my latest restaurant review for … [...]

Used Cars in NZ On Sale

*Click image to view complete vehicle information and condition. *Click “Buy it first” button to buy now! An online representative is ready to assist! A&E Specials! Buy now! Unit is good and drives well with transmission as the only known issue. This is sold on as is where is with no claims in the future. This is a first come first served basis. We accept cheques and cash, no rain checks. It is [...]

Buying Used Cars Give More Benefits

If you are looking for a budget friendly vehicle best for times that we really don’t have control of putting our cars into risks, then try owning some surplus/used cars. With our poor economic situation, buying a brand new car is not a good option for people having tight budget. You should not spend much on cars when know that your place is very prawn to accidents or calamities but rather be put [...]

New Zealand Fresh Buy Cars

*Amounts displayed are vehicle cost only. Add applicable FOB and OFS fees for the full CIF prices. *Clicking the Purchase Now button will send an email to us indicating that you want to purchase the vehicle. We will be contacting you via Email or Phone to confirm your purchase. October 19, 2009 2000 HONDA STREAM Click photo to view Checklist Chassis No: Model [...]