Used Toyota Cars in

  2009/12/10 Release Hello tradecarview newsletter subscribers! Here is the special edition of tradecarview’s newsletter. Toyota Harrier available for purchase from Japan and other countries! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us usedautosale JAPANToyota Vitz US$1,930 JAPANToyota Vitz US [...]

Singapore Sale Used Auto

Kheng Keng Used Auto Sale is now one of Singapore’s most established used car exporter since 1980. We offer our valued customers a meet all their automotive needs. We are also proud to be awarded the Singapore Top 500 SME for year 2008 & 2009 and also the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2009 under the Most Promising Brand category. SINGAPORE Audi A4 US$7,900 [...]

Sale Japanese Motorcycle

Users will soon be able to search for Motorcycles on In addition to the different categories for Vehicles and Parts that most users have already found valuable, there will be a whole new category, “Motorcycles”, available on our website. The worldwide demand for Motorcycles continues to increase as rising fuel [...]

High Risk Drivers

High Risk Drivers are those who have committed several accidents in the road, DUI, inexperience drivers, students and etc. If you are driving in a high way with too much speed or you have been into more accidents in the road, student drivers, motor vehicle drivers may end up getting caught by the cops and arrested for any road violations, driving under the influence of alcohol or etc., you are [...]

A Weekend at the Rock: Corregidor, Philippines.

Image © Mike Aquino, licensed to Manila walking tour artist Carlos Celdran is, once again, teaming up with Sun Cruises to re-introduce the island fortress of Corregidor to travelers with a weekend to spare. I ventured forth myself a while back (check out our Corregidor tour for images of how it went down) and loved it. The World War II Japanese invasion and the American reconquest may have wiped the tight-knit Corregidor community from the face of the earth, but the buildings remain to remind us of the world this island once knew, and lost. Is it all … [...]

He got a Full Collections of FHM girls + other good stuffs

Long weekend soon, prepare this for your long weekend reading. In fact, I get many emails and comments. I can’t reply all, but of course mostly depends on your request. Some ask me to send them the Gary Ng video, aiyo.. you download it, the links I posted earlier is now working. Some ask me the Landlord number, walao eh.. how I know. And some others………. so if you see me no reply, that means I can’t fulfill or hard to fulfill your request. So lets see what are the juciest post of the week……………………. Singapore FHM Finalist Janice got a wish list, top 3 are LV! And the first one already fulfilled, I also want an LV, any one want to donate for me? This guy has a complete FHM Girls Next Door collections, don’t know start from which year. He … [...]