One thought on “Flash Flood In Bohol’s Waterfalls Killed 2 Silently

  1. Hi boonchek! We are amazed by your story and the quality of your photos. We have been in the Philippines for 6 weeks and have visited the Lake Balanan waterfalls (before we read your post) on Bohol. Thanks for the fabulous post and pictures and the warning! Audre & Dimitri

    P.S. If you have time, have a look at our photo website album for the Philippines:

    and the first blog posting we did for our 2-month trip to the Philippines at:
    If you click on “Older Post” at the end of this one you can read all of our later entries! Or, even easier look at the Blog Archive list on the left margin to see where we’ve been in the Philippines.

    P.P.S. We loved the 9 months we spent in Singapore in 2003. It’s one of our favorite ciiies in the world. If you scroll through our photo website index on the left margin, at Fall 2002-2003 you can have a look at our Singapore snaps. Here’s the link:

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