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Updated on 28 July 2009

For now temporarily, If you wish to embed YouTube video, please paste only the URL of the video. There is a bug which will let your embed code disappear after you pasted the embed code and clicked “submit for review”. Need to wait for fix.

If you have troubles importing your blog posts from blogger, you may use the following procedures to do it.

  1. Export your blog using the Export Blog function under the Settings menu within your blogger account.
  2. After you have clicked on the Download Blog button and saved the XML files to your computer, go to and convert the XML files into WordPress WXR export file.
  3. Click on the Import sub-menu upon login to your Big Singapore Talks account. Choose “WordPress” option within the Import page.
  4. Click the “Browse” button to find your WordPress WXR export file that you have converted and saved on your computer in the second steps. Then click on “Upload file and import” to finish your import by following the next screen’s instructions.

If you were uploading images or anything else within your writing panel with Firefox browser, and suddenly you found that your browser crash and needed to restart, the most possibility is because you are using Google Gears. This add-on basically was trying to help you get faster with your browsing experience.

To enable or install it, click the link “Turbo” on the upper right hand corner of your writing panel and follow the screen. You may also need to use the “Tools” menu on the left navigation bar to synchronize files to your computer.

The solution is to disable this add-on within your Firefox browser under the “Tools” menu on it. You may also uninstall it from your computer’s Control Panel. Reinstalling Google Gears may or may not fix the problem.

If you are using Internet Explorer 8, you might need to switch to “compatibility view” for websites to be functional as designed. Just click on the button to switch or toggle between.

By the way, you also have the option to set the “compatibility view” to all websites you will be browsing by using the setting under “Tools” >> “Compatibility View Settings” within IE 8.

I suggest you download Firefox, another free browser with less hassles and faster browsing compabilities. I don’t mean that you should uninstall IE, just leave it for other use if necessary. You could find lots of add-ons within the official website for your works and pleasures.

If you are trying to deal something online with websites, you may find that some of them supports only IE, and that’s the case currently.

If your views in Firefox looks over-width, try pressing CTRL+0 to reset the view. You may also use the Zoom function under the View menu to adjust your viewing.

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