Flip Hole – another toy from Tenga

The Tenga Flip Hole has got me stunned. For a while, many will think that is it just a normal plastic container, but definitely, it is more to it. Developed by Mr Matsumoto, who was a car engineer for a well know Japan Car Brand, he conceived the idea of applying silicon to develop his first range of sex toys. This was also the first range of red series cups. In 2008, Tenga released their first reusable masturbation toy – Tenga Flip Hole. The hottest selling toy in Japan, the Flip Hole is a product in a league of its own. Developed after intense research, and boosting a innovative design, the product consists of a few sections classified into orb. All serve to give an immense pleasurable experience which traditional products will not be able to achieve. Indeed, this product… [...]