Multiple Entry Visa For Singapore?

Folks, I have applied for a Singapore Visa. Now I do not know if the Visa is for a single entry or multiple entry. I need a multiple entry visa as I will take a Cruise which starts and ends at Singapore. I am getting my Visa from Consulate (Chennai, India) tomorrow morning.There is no provision where I can contact the consulate right now and ask them to give me multiple entry visa. In case they have given me a Single entry Visa, is there any provision to get it changed to Multiple Entry Visa? I am flying out this Friday 19th Dec,2008. Any ideas / information? Thanks. GB’s Related Entries Is there a online facility to apply for a multiple entry visa to Singapore. I am in Australia with a Indian pp I am…

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Multiple Entry Visa For Singapore?

2 thoughts on “Multiple Entry Visa For Singapore?

  1. You will have to get a multiple entry visa and you will have to apply for it.
    You can consult any nearest visa office regarding this and you can get help online as well on many websites.

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